Hello all. It’s me, Patty-Pat Kozlowski, your host of the Orange County Daily — back in your inbox with all the most important things happening in town. Including news about:

  • Disneyland reiterates its commitment to safety after recent brawls.
  • Key federal money is earmarked for Orange County projects.
  • Got Rain? Find out who got the most rainfall and who’s still drying out.

But first, today’s weather:

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Here are the top three stories today in Orange County:

Find out what’s happening in Orange Countywith free, real-time updates from Patch.

  1. A Disneyland vacation is something many families spend years to plan and save up for to make magical memories in the House of Mouse. But with recent fights and brawls among rowdy guests in the Disneyland Park being broadcast on social media platforms, Disneyland doubled down on its company courtesy policy by sending emails to visitors before their trip. (Los Angeles Times)
  2. Every year, Orange County congress members lobby for chunks of money to start new projects, complete old ones or beef up plans already in progress. While many of the dollars committed to local development have come from federal block grants from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, other money is fought for by local representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives Check out what OC is getting in federal projects. (Spectrum News
  3. What counties needed some drying out after Tuesday’s torrential rainstorms? After a warm Christmas and a wet start to the week, here’s a look into how much rain fell in Orange County over the last three days. (msn.com)

Today in Orange County:

  • #athletics: girls basketball Savanna Holiday Classic (7:00 AM)
  • Main Street Creativity Corner In-Person (1:00 PM)
  • B. Var Basketball Colony Classic v. TBA (2:00 PM)

From my notebook:

  • Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, how crunchy are your branches.

    Coastal county residents who opted for natural Christmas trees and are tired of vacuuming dropped needles may be wondering how and when to safely recycle or dispose of fatigued firs. Here’s some tips for tossing your tired tannenbaums in O.C. (Los Angeles Times)
  • Well, this better be a Hallmark Christmas Movie Next Year! Right after Christmas, five puppies and one dog were rescued from a garage fire in Garden Grove, the Orange County Fire Authority reported. “Thanks to a rapid attack of the blaze and a search, all residents were confirmed out and six dogs, including five puppies, were rescued,” an OC Fire Authority spokesperson wrote on Facebook. (CA Patch)
  • And we thought driving a Zamboni was the coolest job! What it’s like to drive a Rose Parade float from a 50-year veteran? Come Jan. 2, Steve Altmayer will have steered Rose Parade floats for 50 years, through pampas grass fires, tow truck technicalities and cheerleader mishaps. (ocregister.com)

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