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21-Year-Old Got the Super Bowl Surprise of a Lifetime Tony Shin %%item_date%% %%item_source%%
It’s a moment that dreams are made of when the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders gave Kellirae Cox a priceless gift.

An amazing experience for the 2019 graduate of the California School for the Deaf in Riverside where she also was an all-star cheerleader.

“It was the only sport I could play really before that I tried soccer and that was a very short time I quit,” Cox said. “Cheerleading I like that much better.”

According to family members Cox hasn’t had it easy during her 21 years of life.

“When Kellirae was born she was born with an unknown syndrome so the doctors didn’t have much hope but Kellirae has always prevailed and fought through everything,” said Suzanne McDonald, Cox’s aunt. “Every time they said she couldn’t hit a milestone, she hit it plus ten.”

About a year and a half ago Cox and her family got devastating news. Doctors found a spot on her head.

“They took a biopsy and found 13 lymph nodes and eight of them were cancerous and they had metastasized they had already spread through her body,” McDonald said.

Cox says her fate was sealed, she only has months to live.

Most people couldn’t accept that reality but most people aren’t like Cox.

“I’m still me, I’m still Kellirae it’s just part of who I am,” Cox said. “I’ll live with it and I’ll hope that through my faith and family support this is how we keep going, we accept who we are and that’s just how it is.”

It was always a dream for Cox to go to a Super Bowl and about a week before kickoff she got a special surprise from the Dream Foundation. It’s an organization that grants wishes for deserving people like Cox.

“Oh my gosh I was shocked, I thought I was helping the cheer team that’s all I was doing, I was coming to help,” Cox said.

The Dream Foundation supplied tickets, lodging, you name it so Cox could have her wish come true. She even got to meet the Eagles cheerleaders.

“I really want to tell the Dream Foundation ‘thank you for your help, support, everything just thank you I appreciate it,’” Cox said.

Despite her heartbreaking prognosis, Cox has an inspirational message for anyone who is battling cancer or any life-threatening illness.

“You can do it, doesn’t matter don’t give up… just do it,” Cox said.

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