ACROSS CALIFORNIA — As we prepare to close the book on 2022, we paused to reflect on all the photos submitted by Patch readers throughout the year.

Here are 22 incredible reader images from 2022.

Blue Angels In Formation Over Fort Baker

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The Blue Angels roar over Marin County during Fleet Week Air Show. (Photo by Joel Smolen)

Encinitas ‘Shadow Surfer’

“Our local ‘Shadow Surfer’ … is Dr. Iain MacEwan, an experienced local surfer and physician who in-between patients spends his lunchtime getting wet! Then, back to saving lives.” (Photo by Katy Brown)

Graceful Swans In Fremont’s Central Park

Find out what’s happening in Across Californiawith free, real-time updates from Patch.

Tundra swans in pictured in a pond near Lake Elizabeth in Fremont. (Photo by Sudhir Aggarwal)

Look Hoo The CHP Picked Up

California Highway Patrol officers gave this owl a lift to a local rescue center. (Photo courtesy CHP Santa Rosa Area)

Nighttime On Alameda

The structure at Alameda Point at night (Photo by Tucker McPhaul)

Fremont Man Travels World, Captures Stunning Local Images

An edited image captured at Mission Peak in Fremont. (Photo by Sky to the Wild)

Ethereal View From Mt. Tam

A view of the San Francisco skyline from the top of Mount Tamalpais in Marin County. (Photo by Tom Regner)

The View From Quarry Lakes

Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area in Fremont. (Photo by Sundar Amartur)

Full Moon Sets At Holdener Park

A dazzling full moon sets at Livermore’s Holdener Park. (Photo by Glenn Stewart)

A Valentine In The Sky Over Santa Monica

Someone left a Valentine’s Day message in the sky above Santa Monica. (Photo by Wendy Anderson)

Artistic Alameda

A digitally manipulated image of a windsurfer at Crown Beach in Alameda. (Photo by Seth Marbin)

Colorful Skies Over Imperial Beach

One of many stunning images of Imperial Beach. (Photo by Paul Gallegos)

Black-Crowned Night Heron

A black-crowned night heron at Lindo Lake County Park in Lakeside, California. (Photo by Thomas Hathaway)

Napa Lighted Art Festival

The Napa Lighted Art Festival in early 2022 was an outdoor visual extravaganza featuring eight lighted art sculptures on display nightly. (Photo by Al Francis)

Coachella Weekend 2

Thousands of fans packed in for the final day of Coachella 2022 in their Sunday best. (Photo by Emily Rahhal/Patch)

Bay Boaters

Paddlers on the San Francisco Bay between San Francisco and Alcatraz Island. (Photo by Claus Weisemann)

San Ramon Silhouette

Alyssa Tomfohrde took her friend Tasha Dial up to the top of a hill on the Tassajara Ridge Trail bursting with wildflowers and captured this photo for the ages.(Photo by Alyssa Tomfohrde)

Dolphin Delight

Dolphins interact with boaters about a mile off Dana Point’s coast. (Photo by JC Sweeney)

Artist At Work

A plein air artist at work at Castle Rock Road near Mt. Diablo in Walnut Creek. (Photo by Heather Martin)

Lightning Over Poway

A rare June monsoon brings bizarre weather and lightning to San Diego County. (Photo by Adam Atwood)

Healdsburg Illuminates Bridge For Pride Month

The Healdsburg Avenue Bridge is illuminated for the month of June 2022 in the colors of the Pride Flag. (Photo courtesy City of Healdsburg)

‘San Diego Swirl’

Terramar Beach in Carlsbad. (Photo by Troy-Anthony Saunders)

Have a high-resolution photo taken in California that you’d like to share with your fellow Patch readers? Email to [email protected] and be sure to note when and where it was taken.

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