CALIFORNIA — Forty-one hospitals in California were ranked among the 250 best in the country in a new ranking from Healthgrades, a marketplace to help people find doctors and hospitals.

Healthgrades evaluated patient mortality and complications rates for 31 of the most common healthcare conditions and procedures at 4,500 U.S. hospitals for its 2023 America’s Best Hospitals ranking. This year’s awards recognize overall clinical excellence and the top-ranked hospitals for 18 specialty care among 32 eligible states.

The “America’s best” rankings recognize:

Find out what’s happening in Across Californiawith free, real-time updates from Patch.

Find out what’s happening in Across Californiawith free, real-time updates from Patch.

Healthgrades said in a news release that the awards help consumers choose a doctor or hospital based on the criteria that matters most to them, including compatibility, relevant experience and quality of care, at a time of heightened awareness of the importance of taking care of themselves.

A recent Healthgrades survey found 64 percent of consumers are more concerned about their health now than before the pandemic. More than half (57 percent) are more concerned today than before the pandemic about the quality of care provided by hospitals and their doctors.

Healthgrades said that if all hospitals performed at the level of the top 250 hospitals, 160,615 lives would have been saved.

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