ANAHEIM, CA — The new song, “Wondrous Journeys” will play through the Disney100 anniversary celebration at the Disneyland Resort.

Along with the song is a tribute to 100 years of Walt Disney Animation Studios, this new spectacular by Disney Live Entertainment features nods to all of the iconic studio’s films to date in a journey filled with artistry, music, storytelling and heart. Walt’s original magic kingdom becomes a magnificent canvas with lighting effects, projections and more.

“Wondrous Journeys” ignites the dreamer in all of us, illustrating the possibilities, excitement, heartache, and determination we all face when working to make our dreams come true. A total of 18 Disney songs are heard throughout “Wondrous Journeys,” including the original song, “It’s Wondrous,” with music and lyrics by Alex Geringas and Duddy Brown.

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At 9 p.m. March 3, both the main theme song “It’s Wondrous,” performed by Devon Garcia and Rudi, and the show exit version, performed by Lawrence, can be discovered, and streamed across all major music platforms.

“It’s Wondrous,” the main theme song in the nighttime spectacular, “Wondrous Journeys,” is first heard upon the show open – it’s intimate and organic …drawing the listener in. The song builds to a joyous, folk-pop, tinged celebration in the chorus. Elements of “It’s Wondrous” are woven throughout the musical score of Disney songs, creating an audible throughline – in particular, a musical refrain that the creative team referred to as, “the butterfly call.”

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The finale of “Wondrous Journeys” brings “It’s Wondrous” back for a triumphant and exuberant, orchestrally supported crescendo, to end the show.

Over the course of the spectacular, guests will have heard the music, liked it, learned it, and finally loved it, as they leave bopping along to the soul-funk exit version of “It’s Wondrous,” arranged and performed by Lawrence.

The show will run nightly, enhanced with sparkling fireworks on select evenings. Guests can check or the Disneyland app* for show times.

Have you seen the new Nighttime Spectacular? Let us know what you think!

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