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Drawing for $510M Mega Millions Jackpot Gordon Tokumatsu %%item_date%% %%item_source%%
How could we forget November 8, 2022.

On that date, the California Lottery announced that someone had won more than $2 billion at Joe’s Mobil station in Altadena.

That was a Powerball ticket. But Friday night’s drawing is for the mega-millions game.

Half a billion, $510 million, will go to the mega-millions winner this time.

Customers outside Joe’s Mobil station were aware that someone who walked through these doors is two billion dollars richer now.

With that kind of a back-story, you might expect to see a lot of people here today.

But Friday afternoon that was not the case. No lines, no crowds. Just business as usual.

There are a number of theories about why this enormous jackpot isn’t generating the same kind of interest.

But it’s hard to say what the truth is.

But this, we do know.

The California lottery confirmed for us that “there are no winners to announce” yet, from the biggest win in history, November 8.

There must be interest, because that number’s been steadily rising for weeks.

The drawing is at 8 p.m. this evening, California time.

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