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We blinked and summer 2022 is already here. I thought we can ease into the year but it seems that 2022 is going 100 mph. If you are like me, I wasn’t ready but I needed to jump-start my mind, body and soul. But, for some reason, my body and mind were on a coffee break. That said, I needed to act fast but not overwhelm myself.

I was introduced to the Perspire Sauna Studio from one of my best friends. He was going religiously and raving about it. I was a little apprehensive at first because I thought I couldn’t handle the heat but wanted to be open-minded. I decided to go to the Laguna Niguel location and I was hooked after the first time. I started going 3 to 4 times a week because I loved it so much.

Perspire offers up to a 40-minute infrared sauna session, which helps you sweat out impurities in the skin and releases toxins and stress that cause breakouts. The profuse sweating achieved during your session carries off deeply embedded impurities and dead skin cells, leaving the skin radiant and immaculately clean.

Other skin benefits achieved from infrared sauna include increased circulation, which draws your skin’s own natural nutrients to the surface. As a result, you will see improved tone, elasticity, texture and fresh color. Increased circulation has also been shown to relieve acne, eczema, psoriasis, burns, lesions and cuts.

If you are stressed, partied a little too hard over the weekend or want to just get away from the world the private and very clean rooms are a perfect place to gather your thoughts and relax your body and mind. But, if you are one of those people that needs something to do while sitting in the sauna then Perspire has TVs in every room with an array of streaming services that are complementary.

Happy Detoxing!

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Over the last 2 to 3 years there has been a record number of Zoom, Facetime or other forms of video conferencing calls. While all these calls are being made, we all have been hiding behind these little cameras.  Some of us maybe haven’t kept up with our usual beauty routines as much as before the pandemic started and I have heard some rumors that some people actually use some sort face filters to enhance their appearance on camera.

That being said, I had to make some appointments and get the grooming process going. I start first at Hairy Little Things, it is the go-to beauty boutique for all things brows, lashes and lips. Located in West Hollywood and Newport Beach, HLT specializes in microblading, lip blush, lash extensions and make-up application and are dedicated to making their clients look and feel their absolute best.

It was my first time getting my eyebrows cleaned up and I had to say it was a nice experience. I picked the “So Fresh & So Clean” service. It was easy and fast. We all have eyebrows so guys & girls go in and get those eyebrows tamed. We all should look our best for the next video call!

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Next stop was the Arpel Med Spa & Beauty Boutique in Studio City. This beautiful med spa was co-founded by sisters Dr. Helen Lusikyan & Arpi Lusikyan and gives you the ultimate luxury feeling with the most advanced aesthetic technology. From the newest lasers to the best injectables along with the relaxing face and body treatments the Arpel Med Spa has it all.

If you want to pamper yourself I recommend The Botox Facial. It rejuvenates your natural glow and you feel refreshed afterwards. I received the Botox Facial that was created by one of the co-founders Dr. Helen Lusikyan. It utilizes very tiny microneedles to deliver a dose of muscle-freezing neuromodulators (much like regular Botox) to the pores and upper layers of the skin. There is very little downtime after the treatment. After my treatment, I was a little pink for a few days and afterward looked rested.

I was asked back a few weeks later to try the Vivace® which combines radiofrequency and microneedling to provide superior results in alleviating facial wrinkles, fine lines, and tightening the face and neck. In the past, I have raved about how I’m a really big fan of microneedling when performed at a med spa. I always see very nice results afterward but I usually need 3 to 5 treatments. After one treatment of the Vivace felt some tightening and my skin had a smoother texture. There is slight discomfort with this procedure but you are numbed ahead of the time before the treatment starts. I always say beauty hurts but worth every penny.

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The time has come to put it in overdrive and get back to fighting shape for all those beach days, parties and just getting healthy!

The brand new TruFusion West Hollywood, an all-emcompassing boutique fitness studio, has classes where sessions are tailored to individual fitness and wellness goals in both heated and unheated formats. Whatever type of training you prefer is under one roof. TruFusion offers yoga, pilates, barre, cycling, HIIT, boxing, kettlebell, battle ropes, circuit, TRX strength training, and more!

The best part is the Lifestyle Membership covers all classes which is great for someone like me that likes to jump between different workout classes!

Have a great summer!

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