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One Navy Veteran Gives Her Ex-Husband the Gift of Life Tony Shin %%item_date%% %%item_source%%
Not many people would give their ex-husband a gift during the holidays, at least not one he would probably want.

For one Southern California Navy veteran, divorce doesn’t matter when you are giving someone the gift of life.

“Rosanna and I were together for 10 years and we separated in February of 2022,” said Adam Brown.

Not only did his marriage recently end but for the past 13 years Brown has been struggling with Polycystic Kidney Disease or PKD. It is a debilitating genetic disease that causes cysts to grow on kidneys.

“I was in extreme pain and I’d have blood loss. I was extremely weak and I was having neuropathy in my feet where I couldn’t walk,” Brown said. “My right kidney was 19 pounds and my left kidney was 32 pounds respectively.”

Over the years both kidneys had to be removed and and since the spring of 2020 Brown has been relying on dialysis.

“I’d go three times a week for four hours each session to have my blood cleaned,” Brown said.

While they were together Rosanna tired to donate a kidney to Brown but she wasn’t his blood type. So they entered a program at Loma Linda University Medical Center called “Daisy Chain.”

This program is where two donors match two recipients and they trade kidneys to help each others loved ones.

“We’ve talked and I said ‘You’re not obligated to donate your kidney anymore because we are not together anymore,’” Brown said.

For Rosanna a 22-year Navy veteran, it was an easy choice.

“I joined the military when I was 17, so basically my entire life has been dedicated to saving people so this is one chance that I get to save my best friend and I absolutely would take it,” Rosanna said.

Recently doctors found a match.

In November, Rosanna and another person exchanged kidneys, donating one to Brown and donating Rosanna’s to another recipient.

“The person who donates knows that forever they have altered someone else’s life,” said Dr. Charles Bratton. “Moving forward in terms of improving their life quality so I think it’s pretty incredible.”

It’s also incredible that a divorce didn’t stop an ex-wife from giving her ex-husband a precious gift he will always be grateful for.

“It was the most selfless act that anyone has ever done for me,” Brown said.

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