ORANGE COUNTY, CA — Last week, the Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center in Huntington Beach asked the Orange County community for help after heavy storms damaged the center’s roofs and electric supply.

On Saturday, the center announced that critical repairs were addressed thanks to support from the community who stepped up and made a difference for the animals living at the Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center.

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The center received $14,000 into its Emergency Repair Fund as well as another $35,000 into its general fund for animal care, Executive Director Debbie McGuire said in a statement. The donations allowed the center to repair a damaged electrical short and temporarily fix the center’s damaged ceiling tiles.

The electrical work was provided by HAVECO Electrical Company’s president, Paul Haveruck, who donated four licensed electricians to perform the repairs, McGuire said.

Find out what’s happening in Orange Countywith free, real-time updates from Patch.

“I am personally humbled and deeply touched by the outpouring of help from our community,” McGuire said. “As I was leaving the center to go home yesterday, I said to a volunteer, ‘I think I will be able to sleep tonight without worrying about the electrical shorts endangering our patients or buildings.'”

“As I tried to leave the building, a series of people kept walking in to hand us checks to help the animals,” she continued. “I thanked them all through happy tears. An hour later, I finally departed to go home. I want to thank the hundreds of other donors who are donating and sending money. Every dollar makes a huge difference towards the lives of our patients.”

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